A Preventive Maintenance Program is but One Service Offered for Emergency Generators

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This is an example of an automated oil dispensing tank and pump system that was totally designed and built by A.R.&E. for a local manufacturer...

Generator Install

Here's what an emergency generator installation can look like when A.R.&E. is involved...


Sometimes it's necessary to "buildup" a metal surface that's been damaged by wear. Metalizing is one method of doing just that...


Total rewind of a customer's electric motor. Sometimes, though no one's fault, an electric motor "burns up." That's when our rewind department shines. Here's the technician is rewinding this small motor, and in a couple of hours it'll be "as good as, (or better than) new"...


Turkey and dressing is the classic dinner at this time of year. Thanksgiving Day is an annual national holiday in the United States and Canada celebrating the harvest and other blessings of the past year. The American tradition has us attempting to recreate the dinner between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. However you celebrate, we at Apparatus Repair & Engineering, Inc. want to wish you all a Safe, Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

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Emergency Generator Service

In addition to the sales and installation of Emergency Generators, A.R.&E. technicians can perform complete troubleshooting and maintenance of your emergency generator, no matter what manufacturer's name is on the enclosure.

Our technicians are experienced in performing complete PM (Preventive Maintenance) of the generator including oil and filter change, air filter change (as required), draining and refilling the cooling radiator with proper anti-freeze mixture (if equipped), and load testing and changing the battery (as required), in addition to other service items recommended by the manufacturer.

Our PM programs are based on manufacturer's recommendations of every 6 months. We schedule the PM at "your convenience", and will work with you to make the timing suit your schedule. The materials that are used by our technicians are all "manufacturer recommended brands and quality" so that all warranties will be maintained. When a PM is performed, we "always" run the engine to verify proper lubrication and that there are no filter leaks. During at least one of the annual checks, we like to also perform a FULL POWER LOSS TEST. This allows us to verify that the transfer switch operates properly and that the timing is set properly for startup and shutdown.

In addition to the PM programs, our technicians are trained and qualified to replace failed components, as needed, and troubleshoot issues that may arise with your generator and automatic transfer switch. In all cases, we use manufacturer's original components during these repairs.

The one portion of the emergency generator system that we CANNOT work on is the fuel supply. Natural gas, propane and diesel fuel and tanks, pumps and regulators should be handled by your fuel supplier. We'll work with them as the need arises but they are the people that need to perform any repairs and/or diagnostics.

So call our sales office to schedule your generator's PM and/or to set up a PM program. We'd be happy to help.