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Apparatus Repair & Engineering, Inc.

A.R.&E. is the Premier Electric Motor Sales, Service, and Repair facility in the quad-state region of Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. This business began in 1927, and we are proud to continue the efforts of the founding partners who have served the local Commercial and Industrial markets over these many years.

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Repair Overview

We're in business because industrial and commercial customers have production and support equipment that needs to be kept running. The repair of that equipment, and the motors and controls that are associated with it, is critical to the customer's "uptime" and our livelihood. In Hagerstown Maryland, and the surrounding Quad-State region, Apparatus Repair & Engineering, Inc. is a major factor in doing just that. And as a marketing quip, "Repair" is our middle name!

What Are Our Repair Initiatives

The repair of Electric Motors are of prime importance to our "bag of tricks". Motors keep the wheels of industry turning and we do OUR best to keep the those motors running at peak efficiency and optimal reliability. From fractional and sub-fractional, single-phase, three-phase, and DC motors, to motors "bigger than your car", A.R.&E. can repair them all.

Then we've got the Electrical Controls that tell the motors what to do... when to start and stop, how long to operate, etc.; our technicians are skilled in knowing just how to keep those devices humming.

And what about the Pumps that bring water to your home? Someone has to be able to fix them, right? And guess what... A.R.&E. is the key to that solution. If you live in or around the Hagerstown Maryland area or a significant portion of the Quad-State region, we're proud to say that we assist those local municipalities in keeping the water flowing "into" your home and the sewage flowing "out" of that same home.

How about keeping the lights on? While we don't generate electricity, we do sell and repair "Emergency Generators" and that's what they do! And while Emergency Generators may sound and seem like a "luxury" that only the "well to do" can afford, that's not necessarily the case. Depending on the situation, an emergency generator may be a "requirement" for safety and "life support" reasons. We have customers whose loved ones are on life support equipment (at home). And while those devices may have backup battery power... that only lasts so long. An "Emergency" generator is just that... an "Emergency Generator" and a life support necessity. And we keep them running!

Use the navigation links in the sliding graphic at the top of the page and select a topic to receive more detailed information on that subject, and how A.R.&E. might fit in. And in the meanwhile, no matter what your "repair" needs, give us a call to see if we can help. A major commitment by our personnel, is to help you...!

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