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A.R.&E. is the Premier Electric Motor Sales, Service, and Repair facility in the Quad-State Region of Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. This business began in 1927, and we are proud to continue the efforts of the founding partners who have served the local Commercial and Industrial markets over these many years.

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First Quality ~ First Time
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Field Services Overview

Field Service is of critical importance to our customers when things happen that are "unexpected", or when they happen at an inopportune time, like during the overnight shift when the lead mechanics and electricians aren't at the plant.

That's where we come in! Service to our customers is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week promise. Certainly there will be a delay of some time frame so we can put together the proper technician to work on the specific problem, but we'll be there in as short a time as possible.

Some problems can be eliminated (or delayed) simply by our technician talking to the customer representative and either solving the problem over the phone or suggesting a work around until a more appropriate time (like in the morning). But some can't wait, and we'll do our best to arrive at your facility with the appropriate personnel and equipment to get things rolling again.

Field service is available for all of our lines of expertise. Controls, motors, pumps, emergency generators, and everything in between.

Our phones are answered 24 hours a day and there is ALWAYS someone on duty. Maybe you'll talk to the shop foreman, the shop superintendent or maybe even the President of the company. No matter who it is, your situation deserves our complete attention and it will receive just that!

Click any of the navigation panels above to view our Field Service page for that particular subject. And don't hesitate to call, we're a service organization. We know that field service can be a life saver to you and your company, and we're here to help... click this link to view our contact information.

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