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Grid Couplings

Grid Coupling

"Grid Couplings" consist of 2 radially slotted hubs that mesh with a serpentine strip of spring steel the grid provides torsional damping and flexibility of an elastomer but the strength of steel. "Grid Couplings" transmit torque and accommodate angular, parallel and axial misalignment from one hub to the other through the rocking and sliding of a tapered grid in the mating hub slots. The grid cross section is generally tapered for better hub contact and easier assembly.  As there is movement between contacting hub and grid metal parts, lubrication is required. Portions of the following information on the "Grid Coupling" has been transcribed from Lovejoy's website, "Coupling". Check it out when you get a chance.

"Grid Couplings" are a popular coupling option where both high torque levels and dampening requirements exist. Unlike gear and disc couplings (alternative metallic coupling types capable of transmitting a significant amount of torque), "Grid Couplings" have a unique ability to reduce vibration significantly, and cushion shock loads to safeguard driving and driven power transmission equipment.

A "Grid Coupling" is comprised of two hubs, a grid spring element, and split cover kit (which includes two cover halves, gaskets, seals, and hardware). Like gear couplings, "Grid Couplings" are a metal on metal flexing design, and it is critical that the coupling be packed properly with the manufacturer's recommended coupling grease. The grid spring element absorbs impact energy by spreading it out over time, and thus reduces the magnitude of the peak loads. This is possible because of the progressive contact that occurs between the curved profile of the hub teeth and the flexible grid. As the load increases, more of the tooth comes into contact with the flexible grid spring element.

"Grid Couplings" are available with either a horizontal or vertical split cover design. Horizontal covers are generally viewed as easier to install, while vertical covers enable a "Grid Coupling" to be run at a higher maximum speed. This type of coupling is a versatile, proven technology with interchangeable components readily available from numerous major coupling manufacturers. "Grid Couplings" have a high power density (transmit a high amount of torque relative to their size), and are relatively straightforward and simple to install. They also have good resistance to environmental conditions, and available in both inch and metric bores.

One of the biggest, if not THE biggest, limitation of "Grid Couplings" is their limited ability to accommodate misalignment. While great at dampening vibration, they are not designed to handle parallel shaft misalignment and only designed to handle about a half a degree of angular misalignment. So, again, A.R.&E.'s recommendation will be to have the equipment Laser Aligned during installation to minimized any misalignment and assure maximum coupling life. Additionally, "Grid Couplings" are NOT "maintenance-free" because they require lubrication (grease), which must be periodically checked and topped off if required. Care must also be taken to ensure that lubrication does not leak on to the ground and create an environmental concern.

So depending on your actual application, A.R.&E. can assist you in the proper selection of a "Grid Couplings", if that's best, and supply it for you when you're ready to purchase.