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Apparatus Repair & Engineering, Inc.

A.R.&E. is the Premier Electric Motor Sales, Service, and Repair facility in the quad-state region of Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. This business began in 1927, and we are proud to continue the efforts of the founding partners who have served the local Commercial and Industrial markets over these many years. Times have changed in the many years since the inception of this business, and A.R.&E. is growing and changing with the times. Today the use of AI, computers, and factory automation is necessary for businesses to remain competitive in the global market, and A.R.&E. is here to assist with those challenges. And we promise our work will be... First Quality ~ First Time.

We're Moving to York Road!

A.R.&E. is expecting to move it's complete operation to 17500 York Road, Hagerstown, MD 21740 and be operational in the new facility during the 4th quarter of 2019. We're excited about the move so keep checking with our team and your sales rep for additional information.

Open House planned for Spring of 2020

Once we get moved into the NEW facility, we've got an open house planned for everyone. If you've been to any of our other Open House parties, you know they're worth attending. In addition to food and camaraderie, we always have educational stations open for you to see the "New Stuff" in our industry that'll help you and your business.

Fleet of Vehicles

You've seen most of our vehicles on the road, but with the move, it's been necessary to add a couple more. So here's a shot of what we've got to serve you. We'll find a way to get your equipment transported to our shop for repair, and your new product delivered... ON TIME!

Our Newest Employees

A.R.&E. has been adding employees for some time now, but the move to York Road required some new faces. So here's a photo of our newest employees in the company. If you see them around the shop, introduce yourself. It's always more enjoyable to do business with someone you know, and what better place to meet, than where we all work! And, by the way, we're always looking for new, energetic and enthusiastic employees. If that's you, talk to our Office Manager, today.

2019 Washington County Business Appreciation Week

On October 22, 2019, Apparatus Repair & Engineering, Inc. was honored at their 90 West Lee Street headquarters, as a recipient of the Washington County Business Appreciation award.

The award was presented to Tammy Z. Miller, Corporate Secretary, Kevin J. Miller, President, and Alexis L. Ketterman, Receptionist, by WASHCO Business Appreciation Ambassadors Ms Leslie Hart and Mr. Ron Bowers.

2021 Washington County Home Show Interview

May 1st and May 2nd, 2021, the Washington County Builders Association hosted the annual Home Show at the HCC ARCC arena. The event was greatly appreciated based on the areas success in COVID relief and mitigation.

A.R.&E. was proud to be one of the participants and this link will take you to an interview with David McDonald of our Sales Department.

We're Moving!

A.R.&E. is scheduled to move to York Road during the 4th quarter of 2019.

Open House at York Road

An Open House is being planned for York Road in the Spring of 2020.

Additional Vehicles Added To Fleet

Check out the new vehicles purchased to serve you better.

We've Added Additional Employees

Come in and meet our NEW employees.

2019 WASHCO Business Appreciation Week

A.R.&E. Honored on October 22, 2019 by Washington County Ambassadors.

2021 Washington County Home Show

An interview with David McDonald, representing the A.R.&E. Sales Department.

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First Quality ~ First Time
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