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Fabrication Capabilities

This is an example of an automated oil dispensing tank and pump system that was totally designed and built by A.R.&E. for a local manufacturer...

Emergency Generator Installation

Here's what an emergency generator installation can look like when Apparatus Repair & Engineering, Inc. is involved...


Sometimes it's necessary to "buildup" a metal surface that's been damaged by wear. Metalizing is one method of doing just that...


Total rewind of a customer's electric motor. Sometimes, though no one's fault, an electric motor "burns up." That's when our rewind department shines. Here's the technician is rewinding this small motor, and in a couple of hours it'll be "as good as, (or better than) new"...


Service to our customers is extremely important. Sometimes you just can't remove a piece of equipment and bring it to the shop for repair. And don't forget our ability to remove and reinstall equipment when you just don't have the time or personnel to do it...

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Gear Couplings

Gear Coupling

Here's another "flexible" coupling that makes you scratch your head and say... "Flexible"??? The "Gear Coupling" is similar to the Roller Chain and Grid style couplings, in that it is considered "flexible" in it's design and functionality, yet requires a reasonably accurate alignment to assure a long operating life. Design criteria has the teeth of the hubs being "crowned" which is the method by which the total coupling system allows for angular displacement between the two hubs and fractional movement. This common type of "Gear Coupling" is referred to as a single joint gear coupling, and is used to connect two nominally coaxial shafts. The single joint allows for minor misalignments such as installation errors and changes in shaft alignment due to operating conditions. These types of gear couplings are generally limited to angular misalignments of 1/4–1/2° and should therefore have the equipment Laser Aligned or aligned with dial indicators to assure maximum mechanical life.

Gear couplings transmit the highest amount of torque, and the highest amount of torque in the smallest diameter, of any flexible coupling.
Each coupling consists of two hubs with crowned external gear teeth.  The hubs mesh with two internally splined flanged sleeves that are bolted together. Gear couplings accommodate angular and axial misalignment by the rocking and sliding of the crowned gear teeth against the mating sleeve teeth. Parallel misalignment is accommodated by having two adjacent hub/sleeve flex points. Gear couplings require periodic lubrication depending on the application and the manufacturer's recommendations. They are sensitive to lubrication failures but if properly installed and maintained, these couplings have a service life of 3 to 5 years and in some cases they can last for decades.

So count on the specialists at A.R.&E. to assist you in the proper selection of a "Gear Coupling", if that's best, and supply it for you when you're ready to purchase.