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A.R.&E. is the Premier Electric Motor Sales, Service, and Repair facility in the quad-state region of Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. This business began in 1927, and we are proud to continue the efforts of the founding partners who have served the local Commercial and Industrial markets over these many years. Times have changed in the many years since the inception of this business, and A.R.&E. is growing and changing with the times. Today the use of AI, computers, and factory automation is necessary for businesses to remain competitive in the global market, and A.R.&E. is here to assist with those challenges. And we promise our work will be... First Quality ~ First Time.

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Apparatus Repair & Engineering is Open for Business... 8 to 5, Monday through Friday and 'round the clock service for emergencies. (301) 739-8285 gets you all the help you need.

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What the virus looks like under atomic magnification. (Photo courtesy CDC.gov)

Turning the Corner in Asia

Looks like China and South Korea have turned the corner on NEW cases of the virus. That's what Social Distancing will do for us, too. Let's all get with the program.

Latest Worldwide Stats

This chart is the top 10, of 204, countries listed in the world by ranking of total infections. You can click this slide photo to be taken to the full list on the web. While it's not appealing to be #1 on this list, other columns show that our stats are certainly not as bad as some, when you consider our population compared to others.

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Social distancing and use of hand sanitizer is key to protection. (Photo courtesy CDC.gov / Amanda Mills

Social Distancing

This is not some "pie in the sky" theory! This really works! Look at the results in China and South Korea. But EVERYONE has to participate. Beach goers bring the virus BACK to the folks that are fighting in the trenches and ruin everything we're trying to do. Get with the program, folks!

Social Distancing

This is not some "pie in the sky" theory! This really works! Look at the results in China and South Korea. But EVERYONE has to participate. Beach goers bring the virus BACK to the folks that are fighting in the trenches and ruin everything we're trying to do. Get with the program, folks!

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We're in this together isn't just a slogan... it's a fact! We'll get through it but we've all got to do our part. Have Faith, and remember that "We're in this Together".

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Miscellaneous Equipment Repair

Everyone has the same question... "What's included in "miscellaneous"? Well, we're not sure what'll show up on this page and that's why it's referred to as miscellaneous. One definition of miscellaneous is: "Miscellaneous emphasizes the idea of the mixture of things of different kinds". So, from that definition, this page or topic may be a "mixture of things of different kinds". Sort of what I had in mind...! Topics that don't have or merit a separate page on the site.

Emergency Generators

One of our product specialties is Emergency Generators, and we have a page on "Emergency Generator Service". But in most cases, the emergency generator is rather "stationary" in nature and our technicians go to the customer's site to do the diagnostic and troubleshooting. A significant amount of components can actually be replaced "in the field". Like electronic control boards, or changing a radiator, or replacing the voltage regulator, and a long list of other components. Only when we need to do things like "rewind" the alternator, or replace the engine, do we need to actually bring the unit to the shop for repair. So in our "Emergency Generator Service" field service page, we explained a number of things that are part of that "field service" idea for generators. By clicking this link, you can be taken to that Field Service page for those details.

Dynamic Balancing

"Dynamic Balancing" is a service that adds significant life to rotating apparatus. A.R.&E. uses dynamic balancing in the protocol of all repairs involving rotating equipment. Our balancer is capable of handling about 4000 pounds with a diameter of about 48 inches. Dynamic balancing serves the same purpose as the balancing of the tires on you vehicle. If the rotating portion is "out of balance" it will vibrate and that causes extra stress on the components to which it is attached... like bearings. So if we eliminate (or at least minimize) that vibration, the life of the bearings will be extended. We have a customer who manufacturers "fan/blower wheels" at their facility. These wheels are large "paddle" type fans made of plate steel approximately 1/4 to 3/8" in thickness. The fans are brought to our facility after manufacture, and we "dynamically balance" them by adding and/or subtracting weight in specific locations around the perimeter of the blades. When they leave our facility, they are fully "in balance".

Benefits of dynamic balancing


When a machine is operating in balance, it is functioning as designed. Numerous consequences could result from having a machine in a smooth, well-balanced operating order. These outcomes include the following:

  • Low vibration: One of the greatest sources of vibration is unbalance.
  • Low noise: Mechanical vibration is also one of the leading causes of airborne noise.
  • Operator fatigue: The exposure to high levels of noise and vibration can affect the efficiency of the operator.
  • Operator safety: Machine failure is less likely to occur, personal safety is increased.
  • Bearing life: Balancing the machine can extend the bearing life as it is affected most by unbalance.
  • Structural stress: Due to the fact that vibration associated with unbalance is absorbed by the surrounding structure, having a machine operating in balance will reduce structural stress.
  • Operating cost: Many facilities will keep extra machines on hand in case a breakdown occurs. Because machines operate longer and with fewer problems, you can keep fewer machines on hand.
  • Productivity: The increase in uptime improves productivity.

Make sure that you include a vibration analysis in your preventative maintenance program. Not only can it help to identify a problem, it can often lead to a solution as to what can be done before a major failure occurs. Click this link to be taken to our page on "Vibration Analysis".

Other Repair Services

While these next couple items are not "advertised" repair services, we have been known to do some "custom" work for companies who can't seem to get it done otherwise.

  • Small custom welding jobs
  • Sand blasting of small items
  • Custom machining

So don't hesitate to call if you've got a project that needs a little "special" work accomplished and you're just not sure where you can get it done. We'll let you know if it's something we can do for you.