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Residential Emergency Generators

A.R.&E. has the expertise to size, apply, sell, install and service your residential emergency generator needs.

It all starts with our FREE, telephone and in home survey, to establish your precise requirements. We'll help you decide what electrical circuits in your home are considered "CRITICAL", and a must for powering from the generator during a power outage, and which circuits are "NICE TO HAVE", but not required for survival over extended power outages.

We'll look over your residential site and give you suggestions for proper placement of the generator and fuel supply. We certainly have your best interests in mind, but having done this "more than once", we've got some pretty good ideas to help you save installation costs as well as letting you know some of the safety code requirements that will prohibit you from placing the system in certain areas.

Then we'll price the system for you, give you a written quote of the price for material and labor to complete the job, and offer our best estimate of time for delivery and completion.

Let's get the payment terms out of the way... we require 50% of the total quote as a down payment before we order the generator (if we don't have it in stock), or upon acceptance of our quotation as an order. The final payment will be invoiced and is "due upon receipt" after completion of the job and the generator is started and operational.

We're here to help you, so give us a call. Dave Payne is our Emergency Generator "Guru" and is ready and able to assist you in any way. Below we've put in some photos of actual installed generators in our market place. We look forward to serving you.

In the meanwhile, you can check out some of our installation photos in the Residential Generator Photo Gallery or browse through our list of Resources to answer some of your questions or satisfy your curiosity.


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Resource Title File Size Pgs File Type
Kohler Quality Summary 33kb 2 .doc
Kohler General Installation List 37kb 3 .doc
General Competitive Comparisons 33kb 1 .doc
Preliminary Sizing Chart 956kb 1 .pdf
A.R.&E. Survey Forms 163kb 4 .pdf
Kohler Digital Controller Photo 96kb 1 .pdf
Kohler 5 year warranty form 37kb 1 .pdf
Kohler 8.5 & 12RES Mechanical Drawings 339kb 2 .pdf
Kohler 8.5 & 12RES Mechanical Drawings Clarification 541kb 2 .pdf
Kohler 8.5 & 12RES Specification Sheet 613kb 4 .pdf
Kohler 8.5 & 12RES Installation Manual 3.67Mb 44 .pdf
Kohler 8.5 & 12RES Operation/Installation 2.94Mb 56 .pdf
Kohler 12RES Carburetor Heater Installation 6.41Mb 8 .pdf
Kohler Battery Heater Installation 78kb 2 .pdf

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