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Fans and Blowers

This subject has to do with air movement... for one reason of another. We typically think of fans and blowers as devices used in heating and air conditioning systems, which is very true AND one of the largest uses of fans and blowers.

But there are some others worth mentioning.....


  • Aeration of "waste" and "process water" ponds.
  • Drying of grains in storage silos.
  • The "vacuum" on the inlet end of fan or blower.
  • Air used for paper or other product separation.

In the simplest definition, the term "fan", seem to be described as that device that is shaped more like a "propeller" and used for air movement.

The term "blower", on the other hand, is usually associated with other types of devices such as "high pressure blowers" or "squirrel cage blowers".

All of these devices are certainly much different in design from one another and each of our links will try to assist you in the design concept and use of each type of unit.



I found this website that you might also find very interesting. It belongs to a distributor in the New England States and I feel they've done a rather efficient job of addressing the air handling business. Rather than duplicate their efforts, with respect to questions and answers, we thought we'd include this link so you could check it out yourself.

Air Handling Systems

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