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Fans & Blades

In the simplest of terms, these devices are used to move air.

"Fans" usually refers to the "complete" device such as the pedestal fan for large areas or the oscillating fan used in homes to cool a "broad" area by turning back and forth as it blows air over the area. There are also window fans, attic fans, and numerous other types of fans.... again, all used pretty much for cooling, exhausting or supplying AIR!

Then we have the "blades". These are the "fan" component that usually looks like an airplane propeller. It can have 2, 3, 4, or more individual blades attached to the hub.

The fan BLADE is used to move air but is sold for many reasons. For instance, it can be sold as a replacement for the pedestal fan we mentioned above, or it can be sold as the fan used on the "condenser" unit of a whole house air conditioner.

When we discuss selling FANS.... the job isn't too tough. We simply need to know what the electrical source is, i.e. 1 phase (like in your home) or 3 phase like in an industrial plant. Then we need to know .... "How much air is to be moved." In other words, the volume of air you wish to move around. Probably the other question is whether the motor needs to be multiple speeds or is a single speed motor sufficient. Not too much needs to be known.

On the other hand, if we are asked to apply a BLADE only, and we don't have the original in front of us to use as an example, the job is a little tougher. Here are a few of the things we need to know....

  • What's the application, i.e. condenser fan, etc.
  • Which direction does it turn? i.e. CW or CCW
  • What is the outside diameter of the blades?
  • What is the pitch of the blades? (The amount of twist)
  • What is the diameter of the shaft to be mounted on?
  • At what speed does it rotate?
  • How many blades are there?
  • Do you know the volume of air it moves?
  • Is the application indoors or outdoors?
  • Is the atmosphere "hostile"? i.e. corrosive

So you see, Fans and Blades may not be as simple as we'd like to think. Can you bring us the fan? If you can it's a lot easier 'cause Becky and Carroll have a "Fan Sizing Kit" at the sales counter and they'd be happy to help you "Get it right the first time!".  A.R.&E. can make your job a lot easier.

We stock a significant number of different blades for the HVAC industry in our market place. We also apply and sell complete fans for industrial applications with overnight availability in most cases.

Call your representative or our sales department and see what we can do to make your next purchase a whole lot easier.

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