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Build To Spec Control Panels

A.R.&E. personnel can build controls OR motors to "SPEC".

There are times when a production type of control panel simply "won't do the job". That's when the "Build to Spec" project fits the bill.

We sit down with your engineers and design personnel and, together, establish a set of operational parameters for the control. Once that's accomplished, we can take it from there and do the remainder of the design, or we can continue the collaboration with your personnel and your personnel can complete the electrical design. Either way, once an agreed upon design is finalized, Apparatus Repair & Engineering, Inc. will build the controls to spec.

And special controls aren't the only thing that we can help you with! Maybe you have a certain project that needs a motor with a "special" speed that is NOT an "off the shelf" design. Or maybe it needs to be a special horsepower.... let's say 48 HP and the closest you can get is 40 HP or 50 HP. The 40 HP is too small (even with a 1.15 service factor it will only be 47 HP) and the 50 HP will be operating BELOW it's most efficient full load rating. A.R.&E. personnel can REDESIGN an electric motor to operate at the proper horsepower output AND we can even design that motor for a special speed (within electrically possible selections).

So Apparatus Repair & Engineering's "Build to Spec" capabilities may be the answer to your next project. Give us a call and discuss the possibilities.

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