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Fractional HP Motors

This category of motors is somewhat, self-explanatory. Fractional is ..... in fact..... less than 1.

Therefore the range of fractional HP motors is from the smallest (I'm not sure what that number is) to just under 1. This latter number is usually .75HP but could be stretched to .999 HP in some special design, I suppose.

This smallest number is intriguing to me. Since we're in this computer world, think about the motor that turns your hard drive, or the CD, or even the servo that moves the heads within the hard drive! All of these are motors. And I'm certain you can think of others just as different that are "fractional HP motors".

By and large, these fractional HP motors will be single phase devices or DC devices of some type. There are certainly three phase fractional HP motors, but they are usually in the standard sizes, i.e. .25HP, .33HP, .5HP and .75HP. Rarely, if ever, would one find a 1/100 HP three phase motor.

Check our Single Phase, Three Phase and DC motor pages for additional information on those specific motors.

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