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Motors are a prime interest of Apparatus Repair & Engineering, Inc. It's one of the things we do best! A.R.&E. personnel have been applying, selling, servicing and repairing electric motors for the industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural markets since the previous company, known as M/L Electric, was begun in 1927 by Mr. Miller and Mr. Liskey.

Take for instance the fact that our 4 most senior managers have, collectively, 142 years of service in the electric motor sales, service and repair industry. And our company is 26 employees strong! That's a heap of time and just as much talent.

Motors keep industry going! There isn't an industry around that doesn't use motors for something. And that's where we come in...... we apply, sell, service and repair electric motors. Plain and simple.

There seems to be a "gazillion" different motor types and designs around, and as the old saying goes... "No matter how many different widgets you have in stock, someone will want something you don't have!" And so it is with electric motors. A.R.&E. stocks a myriad of different motors on the shelf, ready for you to purchase. Will we have the right one? We do our best to select motors that are "standard" or can be adapted to numerous applications. Give us a call. If we don't have it... we'll get it!

We mention that there's a "gazillion" different motor types and designs around. Well, check out some of our other pages and you'll see what we mean.

And then there are the "Controls" to operate these motors.

And finally, the "accessories" to interface with other products. The links listed below can also be reached from the main "Power Transmission" page.

And I guess we could go on and on. But rather than that, why not give our sales department a call or send an email. We'd be happy to serve you. And when it comes to repair, A.R.&E. supplies you with

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