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Emergency generators serve an extremely valuable purpose, especially "when the lights go out"!

While we expect that when we flip the light switch in our home or office, the lights will come on or a motor will start or some other function will be performed by some electrical device. But when "Mother Nature" takes over and storms knock down power lines, some of us are left with candles and (if we're lucky) dry wood for the fireplace during the winter. Worst yet is if the power is off for an extended period we have to worry about food spoilage in our refrigerators and freezers.

Then there's the commercial end of the spectrum... employees are sent home to sit without light AND without PAY! The employees aren't making any money and neither are the employers. A bad situation all around.

That's where the Emergency Generator comes in. When the power goes off, the generator starts and generates electricity to power those "critical" functions such as freezers, emergency lights in a factory, heat in an apartment building, water pumps for fire protection and many other VERY IMPORTANT items.

A.R.&E. can assist you in determining your "Emergency Power Requirements", supply the generator and accessories to satisfy those needs, install it and service the generator for years to come, after the sale.

A.R.&E. services numerous brands of generators but specializes in sales and service of Baldor, Kohler and Onan emergency generators.

Baldor Kohler Onan

Here are two links to additional details for Residential or Industrial emergency generators. Check them out for more specifics.

Residential Emergency Generators
Industrial Emergency Generators

Give our Sales Department a call and talk over your Emergency Power Requirements. The next time a windy storm comes up and your neighbors are sitting in a dark, cold, house, you'll be glad you did.

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