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Special Control Category

This is a special category for those "undefined" controls that we haven't discussed yet.

For instance... Solid State Reduced Voltage Starters!

In the general control page we discussed the use of starters and contactors to control motors and other power devices. That concept is ..... "as old as the hills"! It's the grandfather of the heap.

SSRVS is the thing of today! Think about the times you've heard the belts "squeal" when a large air conditioner blower started up. That's because the locked rotor torque of the motor was so great and the power required to get that blower turning was more than the friction applied between the belts and sheaves. In comes the SSRVS! Simply adjust the "acceleration" ramp and when the motor is asked to start... the SSRVS simply begins the voltage at "ZERO" volts and increases that voltage over time. There's never a hint of a belt squeal! There's no excessive startup torque applied to that blower shaft! There's no ELECTRICAL DEMAND SPIKE!!! Boy will that ever help the old electric bill.

So Solid State Reduced Voltage Starters can help your application in a number of ways. Don't just take my word for it, check out this website. We're distributors for the Benshaw line of Solid State Starters and we think it's the best going.

Voltage? These baby's can be supplied from 208VAC right up through the unheard of ..... MEDIUM VOLTAGE range of 4160VAC and continuing to the MORE UNHEARD of range of 15KV!!! Horsepower ratings? How does 20,000 HP sound to you? Is that high enough? Reliability is a major factor in our selection of Benshaw as the flagship of the SSRVS line of controls. So check out the Benshaw website and if you don't find the info you're looking for, give us a call and we'll send one of our application engineers out to discuss your needs. Remember, A.R.&E. and Benshaw.... the Solid State Reduced Voltage Starter Team.

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