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Electric Control Panels

Control panels are a growing portion of the capabilities of Apparatus Repair & Engineering.

These control panels can be as simple or sophisticated as your design requires. A simple panel containing motor starters, relays, fuses and overloads is the beginning of the capabilities.

The next step may include VFD's or DC Drives or Solid State Reduced Voltage Starters.

An additional level of sophistication may include a PLC to assist in the control system.

Still another level of requirement may be Servo Motors and controls and the addition of a "HIM" - Human Interface Module.... commonly known as a Graphic Interface or even more easily referred to as a monitor. A final sophistication on many industrial shop floors is the requirement that this HIM be a "Touch Screen" design, due to the hostile type environment in many industries.

Finally, with the automation in today's industries, robots are becoming a "common employee" on the shop floor. A.R.&E. can help you with your robotics needs.

No matter what the level of requirements for your project, A.R.&E. can help you design the system, fabricate the complete control panel, program any PLC or servo drives required, load the programs into the system and assist in debugging the operations, and finally, we can assist you by going to the ultimate user's site for system startup.

You can't get much more complete than that, and you need only call our office to get things started.

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